January 10, 2010


My daily diet has consisted of mainly eggs, vegetables, meat and potatoes. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of the day feeling like I need a little sugar. It is hard to explain, it's not like I am dying for a cookie, more like my brain needs a push. Our neighbors gave us two jars of unpasteurized honey over the holidays. One tablespoon does the trick! We actually have a small bucket of local unpasteurized honey in our kitchen too. John loves honey and now it is my only sugar. I am still working on local grains, so no baked goods yet. In the meantime I will sneak spoonfuls of honey. :) Unpasteurized honey provides maximum health benefits. No enzymes or other naturally occurring substances are destroyed. Unpasteurized honey is loaded with amylases, enzymes that digest carbohydrates.

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  1. Just thought I would add... for those that suffer with seasonal allergies, try eating or adding to tea a couple of teaspoons of local honey per day for several months prior to the pollen season for allergy relief. And remember, the good effects of local honey are best when the honey is raised closest to where you live since it will have more of exactly what you’ll need from your immediate environment.