January 9, 2010

Cauliflower with Corn Soup

Last night I discovered a really good combination I had not had before. I started with chicken stock (from our hens), and chopped white onion (John grew this summer), boiled until the onion was starting to soften. Then I added two bags of frozen garden Cauliflower and simmered until the Cauliflower was tender. I then added some white pepper and curry powder and using a hand held blender, pureed. Right before serving I added two tablespoons of creme fraiche and heavy cream. Bowled the soup and topped with our own sweet corn! John added a red pepper for a garnish, which went great with the soup! We had the soup last night for dinner with roasted rooster (mixed some local white wine with the drippngs), mashed potatoes, and kale. Pretty good.... :)

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