January 6, 2010

January 6- Fresh Lettuce!

It has been 6 days without a salad. This doesn't sound like an extremely long time, but when deprived, and with the thought of 60 saladless days, it really felt longer. Ellie and I had some errands to run today which included our local Wegmans. We did a little more hunting to try and find local NY food. We found a great surprise in the lettuce section, beautiful lettuce from Ithaca, grown by a company called Finger Lakes Fresh. www.fingerlakesfresh.com I purchased a huge head of Boston lettuce and also Romaine. These lettuces are grown in a hydroponics greenhouse with no pesticides. I really had no idea what I would use for dressing, as the only local oil I have found is a first cold pressed Butternut seed oil. It has just too strong of a squash taste for lettuce. I also have no local vinegar at this time. I decided on red onion that John grew from the garden, cut up local apples, bacon bits left over from breakfast, and shredded local cheddar cheese. Even though I missed the dressing it did taste very nice and completely satisfying!

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