January 8, 2010


One of the best things I've discovered this first week of eating local is raw milk. I purchased the milk twice from Galens Homestead Acres in Clifton Springs NY. http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M11777
It has a great taste and I have skimmed the cream off the top and made homemade butter and creme fraiche! First let me tell you about the butter. Wow! It was unlike any I have ever had, even better than Elmview Dairy! (That is hard to beat!) Besides the unique flavor, it was super easy to make. I watched a few people make it on youtube first! The creme fraiche is new to me. I had if for the first time while at my husband's sisters in PA. She used it with my husband's demi glace, and with thyme butter. This was a sauce for homemade mushroom perogies. Blew us all away! Creme Fraiche is used in place of sour cream.
You can read all about raw milk's benefits and where you can find it at these two websites: http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/index.html

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