January 23, 2010


I definitely have missed having a beer these first three weeks of local eating. While in Wegman's (Canandaigua) last week I searched in their large beer section, (they actually have a New York section) for local beer. I found Custom Brewcrafters 'Canandaigua Lake Ale', produced and bottled in Honeoye Falls NY. I had no idea what to expect and finally popped one open last night. I was pleasantly surprised how highly drinkable it was!! The ale was a light amber color and had a really good flavor. It is priced about $1.50 higher than a six pack of Corona, so affordable as long as you are not a beer guzzler :) I am really interested in going to visit their business and trying some of their other beers. The six pack has a great photo of their microbrewery, directions and hours of business, and another great touch on the box is the date the beer was bottled. Mine read, JAN 06 2010. So apparently there are other beer drinkers buying this product at Wegman's as well! Check them out at www.custombrewcrafters.com

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