January 5, 2010

January 2

Big surprise today :) After chores John and I decided to go food shopping! We still had bones left at our local butcher that needed picked up. They were from our two steers we last took in. More demi glace on the horizon...
After picking up the bones we stopped at a local farmers and bought 2 bushels of potatoes, a bushel of squash, and 6 cabbage. He had a huge walk in cold cellar where they were stored. Good timing as he said he was about to dump it all in the field. He just doesn't sell much after January 1. Last we went to the farm with the raw milk for sale. Big coincidence they were selling milk the same day. They sell twice a week. You bring your own containers. We brought one huge gallon jar and two half gallon canning jars. The milk house with the bulk tank was spotless. The gentlemen selling the milk was great. He explained how he used to have more cows and had less time and less profit. You could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing now. I believe he milks 20 cows a day and in his words has time for his life and family now. OK...so the big question is how does it taste. It looked beautiful in the jars and John stated it was the right color and shine. We immediately drank a glass when we got home. It was really fantastic! We were both pretty happy.

Ben helped me take all the produce to the basement and Ellie helped me move it into crates to turn our stairwell into a cold cellar. The temperature is about 36 degrees in the stairwell so it should work pretty well.

Ate leftovers for dinner and had peppers from the garden with Cuba NY Cheddar cheese for a snack.

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