November 16, 2010

Fresh Broccoli

Still picking Broccoli out of the garden! What fantastic weather we have been having here in the Finger Lakes! I know it won't last much longer, but in the meantime we are still harvesting!!

November 9, 2010

Head Cheese!

Not sure if you have ever ate at the Polish Community Center in Utica NY, but you should! Every year at the Boilermaker Road Race the center offers fantastic, authentic, polish food. Now, every time we drive past the Utica exit we wish to stop and eat more! I'm not really sure how often they open their doors to the public, but for sure they were not open last weekend! We made a few calls as we approached Utica and were told about a Polish Meat Market. Thanks to the TomTom (GPS) we pulled off the exit and within a few minutes were sent down a side street to Pulaski's Meat Market. As we entered I could see the smile grow on my husband's face. We could overhear several women speaking to each other in polish. He was taken back to his childhood days when he would visit his grandmother. As we walked around the market we found one item after another to take home. First Polish beer, then out of the cooler we ordered kielbasa, ham kielbasa, two kinds of head cheese-one with blood-one without, bacon wrapped pork loin, rye bread and mustard. I practically had to drag John away!! We ate sandwiches and sampled all on the way home!! -I can't wait to go back!! Pulaski Meat Market - 1201 Lenox Ave. - Utica, NY 13502