January 19, 2010

Dinner Last Night

Cooking meals using all local food has been very rewarding. I am planning meals much better now as I can no longer just throw something together. In the past if I was running late I would rely on pasta and work around that. Last night we ate Lamb (given to us from John's Dad, marinated with local mustard, garlic and honey), Broccoli (from the garden frozen, topped with NY cheddar), and Potatoes Gratin (made with creme fraiche and John's demi glace). I am really thankful we have such an assortment of meats in our freezer. We raise beef and chickens here and John's Dad has given us his pork and lamb. Friends have given us lake trout and venison also! A really fantastic site to find grass feed meat is www.eatwild.com The site has a state by state directory to help you find local farmers near you.

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