January 17, 2010

Local Whole Wheat Bread

I picked up the assorted loaves of bread yesterday that I had ordered from a local co-op. The baker used freshly ground whole wheat to make a general whole wheat bread and she also sprouted the wheat and made a loaf with the sprouted grain. This morning we all had our first piece. John made Ben and I a nice breakfast of eggs and potatoes and buttered toast on the side. The bread was very dense. You could actually see pieces of grain as you sliced it. It was surprisingly very good. I would compare it with eating a cookie. I say surprisingly good because it did not look like normal store white bread in the least. I had another piece with honey and have to say I really liked it. The bread came without an ingredients list though and I am very curious to know if any honey was in the dough as the bread seemed a little sweet. It also looked like there was zero yeast used. I am going to start looking into recipes using ground whole wheat and I think my next move will be to buy some freshly ground flour and experiment with baking some loaves myself. I will try to plan ahead and pick up the flour the morning I bake as I have read within 24 hours up to 40% of the nutrients have oxidized. In three days up to 80% of nutrients have oxidized. So when they say freshly ground, they mean it!! We did not try the sprouted wheat loaf yet...but in the picture attached it is the loaf that is taller and lighter in color. I'll be sure to comment on the taste after we give it a try !!

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  1. We have been eating the sprouted whole wheat bread this week. It is really fantastic!