September 7, 2010

September 7

Locavore-Homeavore-Hermitavore-Ok, not sure what to call it. But seriously I have been living just fine off of our garden and tonight my neighbors garden! I am pretty lucky that I live in an area that I can have a garden to grow enough vegetables to last all winter! Tonight I visited a friend and we drank local wine, ate cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers from her garden. Between the food, wine and conversation I was full! Came home and snacked on the leftover watermelon that was in the fridge from our garden. Seriously I have got to get off this hill and go see new and exciting foods to find. But, if forced to live just on the hill, I think I would be quite fine :) Mind you I have a husband that surprised me when I came back from my 10 day trip. He froze 156 quarts of vegetables for me! There is no question I feel better already just 7 days into this challenge!

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