July 25, 2011

2nd Annual New York Locavore Challenge!


This September, NOFA-NY will sponsor its 2nd Annual NY Locavore Challenge. The NY Locavore Challenge is a first of its kind, month-long campaign aimed at engaging consumers across the state in actively supporting the local organic food movement.

The Locavore challenge starts with the theory “vote with your dollar,” and takes it a few steps further, by appealing concerned citizens to participate in a wide variety of events and challenges that support their local economies, encourage organic and sustainable growing practices and propel the movement forward. The aim is for 5,000 people state-wide to participate in the challenge this year. By signing up, you can be part of a movement that is hungry, active and ready to change our food system.

How Does it Work?:

First, participants choose a level of commitment.
-Choose from a Bite-Sized (3 mini-challenges), Meal-Sized (6 mini-challenges) or a Feast-Sized Challenge (9 mini-challenges)

Second, choose your mini-challenges from three fun categories:
-Grow, Cook, Eat; Join the Movement; and Take Action

Within the Grow, Cook, Eat category, explore fun mini-challenges such as: Gardening, Composting, Foraging or taking a 250 Mile Diet Challenge for a day, a week or the full-month of September.

Within the Join the Movement category, explore fun mini-challenges and events such as: Blogging, Attending a Potluck, or Hosting a Locavore Book Discussion.

Within the Take Action category, explore fun mini-challenges and events such as: Volunteering, Donating, Starting a Community Garden, or Speaking with your Representative to support local sustainable farms and food businesses.

How Can you Sign-Up to Participate?:

Registration is available online at www.nylocavorechallenge.com or by calling the NOFA-NY office at (585) 271-1979 ext. 512.

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